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It looks, smells and tastes like Whitefriars...

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...but is it?

It's the same size and proportion as Whitefriars, but it has a Birks paper sticker numbered 2186 on the base.  :?

This is definitely a Tangerine Coffin Vase by G Baxter for Whitefriars shape 9686 (it is 5.25" high?) - there would have been a W/F label and code label to base 9686 funny how the Birks label ends 86 as well :roll:

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

BTW if you are selling it, take the birks label off ... sometimes retailer and importers labels can confuse bidders - for research purposes it should be kept on as these things can be of great interest

whitefriars 007:

100% Whitefriars tangerine coffin vase pat no 9686.



Thanks for confirming what I thought! Yes, it's 5 1/4" high by 3 1/8" wide.

Oh, a quick note along the similar lines...

Does anyone know, roughly, how much pat. 9675 Cinnamon vases retail at?

and while you have the book open, what does a 9671 Totem in Kingfisher go for?
Ivo the unloginnable


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