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It looks, smells and tastes like Whitefriars...

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whitefriars 007:
Cinnamon cello should fetch £130-£160 may be more if your lucky
Kingfisher totem roughly the same,hope this helps.



--- Quote from: "Pinkspoons" --- but it has a Birks paper sticker numbered 2186 on the base.  :?
--- End quote ---

Is there any chance of a photo of the Birks label for those of us who have never seen one please?

Also, who is/was/are/were Birks?

Thanks in hope!  :)

I think a 9675 Cello in Cinnamon (a rarer colour), would fetch £250.00+

An Indigo Cello went for £350.00 recently? - W/F is riding high at the moment on eBay, if it is a rare piece in good condition - in fact there is so much rubbish that any good bit will go well

I mean a Tangerine Coffin can go for £50.00+

I sold a meadow green Totem two years ago for £250.00, Kingfisher is a colour down but as you can see from the eBay listing for a simple coffin vase - who knows what rarer pieces may get - it's like prices have doubled since I was selling

 :twisted:  :twisted:  Adam da DDD5

BTW Ivo - have you got Spider.exe application - its easy to run takes all password settings away (not certificates), cleans the dat files in all your internet bits back down to 32kb with a wipe

Once you have run it, it should ask you for all your details ref Glass Message Board, once you tick 'always log me in' it will remember you each visit without you having to type in a password or user name

I can send you the application with a working email - its freeware

 Henry Birks is a high-end Canadian Jewellers,established 1879 and trades in flatware,jewellery and fine giftware.I sold a candy jar recently that was marked "Boda Afors Bruk Sweden" and the base label read 'Birks No.76'.I kept the label on because I felt that linking it to such a high-brow store really added to the value.I have a beautiful Minton plate but would not even consider removing the Tiffany and Co,New York,retailers mark....but then again,I'm no expert
 :D Justine


--- Quote from: "David555" ---I think a 9675 Cello in Cinnamon (a rarer colour), would fetch £250.00+
--- End quote ---

I can't seem to find record of the vase going for much more than £130-140 in recent months, unfortunately.  :(

But there's one on eBay currently, I'll see how that fares before deciding whether or not to sell mine.


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