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A site run by a community for a community - totally non-commercial and no distracting adverts. It aims not only to cover the history but also to give access to current practitioners.

Heading towards being the most comprehensive on-line resource about Scottish Glass from 1610 to today - an ambition that only can be achieved by involvement of more people.

Already well over a hundred people have shared examples from their stock or collection and others get involved in many practical ways. See the front page features for the many ways that you can be involved...

There is a large backlog still to add but we are fast approaching a comprehensive listing of every Caithness paperweight - many that have never been published before. Glassware will be expanding soon.

The Monart and Vasart catalogues will be transferred from to benefit from including multiple examples and views of each shape.

The Art community are also starting to submit their portfolios.

Members of the glass communities past are starting to add their memoirs giving tantalising glimpses of life inside the glassworks.

Not been there yet? Check it out  :thup: here

Upgrade to Scotland's Glass is taking longer than expected due to server problems.

No idea when it will be fixed  :spls:

The site will now be down for a day or two as have had to change host.

Upgrade is near complete and you can access. If you see the Discuss button under articles then the rerouting is complete. Could take another day...

Glass Images are a mess and need a lot of work... this will take some time.

Feedback on the new look and reports of missing images would be greatly appreciated. I know the Dicuss buttons are hard to read, will be fixed asap.


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