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ashtray, electric blue uranium czech?? similar to jurnikl

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Hi there
picked this ashtray up at the weekend, with the thoughts it was very similar to jurnikl's ashtrays. But to my surprise whilst checking something else with the UV light i noticed this little fella glowing in the background all be it not not the normal bright green but still green and bright but more milky yellow green if that makes sense..
The ashtray has 4 sides (not a square though) as it has a wavy line so almost facet like.. with a wavy rim which is roughly 1.5cms deep. The base is welled but more rounded than most czech pieces ive seen. 14cms across, 4.5cms tall
The colour is very similar if not the same as czech glass the beautiful electric blue (which is my fav of the colours)
Apoligise for the bad pics especially the UV one was trying to hold camera and UV light, which is about 25 inch long, at the same time
any ideas??
many thanks

I think this is what Christine means when she refers to a manganese glow...?

she said something like that on another item i had but i thought that generally didnt glow very brightly, whereas this all be a slightly bluey colour does glow quite bright.. i thought maybe because of the colour of the glass this was why it was a differnt shade??

You could be right Michelle. I'm sure Christine will tell us when she lands here next. 8)

It doesnt happen very often :24: I will have to try the UV on the sklo pieces in the same colour see if they glow too.


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