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I posted the info below in the main Glass forum assuming that everyone would see it there, but I've just realised that perhaps not everyone reads every forum, so may have missed this. Hence, I'm reposting the info here... please do feel free to use the GlassGallery for your images. It is entirely non-commercial (and will remain so always). Images can either be marked as Copyright to the original owner, or may be made Copyleft images, where the owner allows others to use them freely for research/non-commercial purposes but restricts them from commercial use. (My own labels/marks images are Copyleft.

--- Quote ---New GlassGallery images website available

Having seen many queries posted accompanied by photos which later lose their pics as they are deleted by hosts such as Tinypics, I thought it'd be useful to have a place where glass photos can be uploaded and which will not be auto-deleted. So, I've created GlassGallery which uses the same gallery script as my own glass collection gallery, but it looks similar in style to this GMB.

To use the gallery you do need to register but this is simple and just involves choosing a user name and password and then acting on the confirmation e-mail. Once registered you can upload photos to the Queries Gallery. I've also created a series of How To's for anyone wanting to use the gallery to host images for queries... these walk you through the process of uploading and adding title and additional information. Tony H has kindly been testing these for me and they seem to work fine but if anyone gets stuck I'm usually around to give help.

Frank has kindly unlocked this topic so I can add this post and he will then incorporate the GlassGallery info into the Pictures sticky in due course.

The idea behind the GlassGallery is to provide a place where photos referred to in messages here on the board will still be available to accompany those messages. I'm not sure how the GlassGallery will work in terms of bandwidth usage on the server if it gets very busy, but I'm happy to give it a try and assess how it goes.
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