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pretty sunflower vase ID?


I have just unwrapped this very pretty pressed glass vase it has side ribs and sunflowers and leaves then a scalloped top the base has a raised glass KIG MALAYSIA could be XIG does anyone know if that is where it was made or just the pattern name as it looks very British or maybe french as it has sunflowers on it,thank you for looking. Lynn
14.5 cm high 10cm across top 5cm across base

Lynn, I think they are a Malaysian company making modern repros of some older patterns, e.g.

Somewhere I have a lidded bowl by them which originally had sweets in it. They were sold by a Yorkshire confectionery company within the last few years, and I see a fair few of them in charity shops. Mine is this type of pattern but with a lid:

Thanks for the help Anne,one of those links lead me to ID another of my vases !...lynn


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