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Made in China at TK Maxx


I battled my way into Cardiff town centre today through the hoards of foreign cricket supporters and there were also some Australians there too (Ashes - cricket match 100 yards from my home).
Here is a photo for future reference of some Chinese glass at TK Max (discount shop), including dolphins, jelly fish paperweights and fish.

I do not want to help with sales or advertising for the shop, just thought that there will probably be some id requests in the future.


John, here in the states we have TJ Maxx, as well as several places like Hobby Lobby and Big Lots that sell remarkably well made Chinese glass as well. It's a good habit to make a point of strolling through these places on occasion to "see what's new" coming out of China. There's no doubt in my mind that a good portion of the art glass being sold as "vintage" is actually this new stuff.

Best to keep aware, you're right!

I like to keep an eye on what's going on here too. :thup:

Sometimes you can get lovely stuff! I have a nice collection of Beranek "Tropical Flowers" from here, have bought Caithness paperweights and some good Krosno and Tarnowiec peices. A lot of it is fine and functional. I use particularly large pieces as wastepaper bins.

And a lot of it turns up on antiquey place shelves. >:(

I also quite often see pieces of glass in 'antique centres' from TK Max described as vintage, saw a few today at the Malvern Flea Market. I have also seen in TK some good crystal, nice Murano bowls/chargers and they currently have a load of Ichendorf for sale (signed or I would not have known).


Popped in for another look today.

The three vases had made in China stickers.



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