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Two "Vasart" weights - 85 "Salvador" can


Hi folks,

For those of you now getting more interested in the "Ysart" weights, take a look at my latest article. For those of you not yet into this side of things, take a look anyway!

Discussions + cane tables (with large individual cane images) covering 17 matches to canes in the "Vincent" set and another 68 "early Ysart" (possible Salvador) canes.

I also touch on an interesting point - some of these canes can also be seen in Paul Ysart weights. So who actually made and "owned" them, and when? The thoughts I have passed around over the past few years on Ysart cane "sharing" in the 30s (regardless of family "troubles") may be on the right lines.

Superb research and write up Kevin, thank you for all your efforts.

The trouble with working through the night is that proof reading becomes a touch less effective by 4 am!

I have made a few (minor) corrections to my article. The biggest error was that I had missed out 2 canes from the "Mixed Concentric" weight, one of which is a another match to those shown in Frank's site. The cane tables are now updated and renumbered. The missing canes are now shown as 10 and 31 for that weight.

The tables for the Clospeack comparison have also been revised, with one cane being removed as it was actually from the other weight (now numbered 34 in that weight's tables).


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