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Lucky Find - Genuine Dominick Labino Vase
« on: July 17, 2009, 05:25:01 AM »
Happy Friday,

  Just had to show everyone the incredible piece of glass I acquired yesterday!  I just stopped into a thrift shop that I usually go to once a week.
For some reason, I had already been there 3 days earlier, but I just had a feeling that I should go in on and e3errand I had to run anyway.
I found this underneath the counter and purchased it immediately for $20.  I knew Labino was a desirable name in the Art Glass world, but really had
no idea what I had and researched it on the web.

  He was a great influence in the Art Glass world, having written a book, "Visual Art in Glass", in 1968 and received the Steuben Phoenix Award in 1977
for his influence and contribution to the production in Art Glass.  He has been bestowed many other honors and has his work displayed in many
museums around the world, (including The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and National Glass Museum,
Leerdam, Holland), just to name a few.

  If you look his name up on the web, you can't but see his notoriety in the field, as well as the many One-man shows he opened and held.
I found a piece similar to this one on the web at the Hudson Gallery in Sylvania, Ohio (Labino's home state) selling for $2400, and it was smaller than mine.
He has since passed away and his processes and innovations are still being used today.

  I am not sure what I will do with the piece, I just wanted to share what I had found with you fellow Art Glass lovers and see if you had any insight
to any of Dominick Labino's work.  See the photos below.  I just love the way he (fibered) the bubble pieces together!  You can see it in the close up!

  Also, the mark under the date, do you know if that was something he put in purposely included, such as a logo of symbol? 

  Regards to all,

  Tom Sparks (westred)

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