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Signed Orrefors Piece Palmquist?


Hi Ive had this one for a while it is signed on the bottom but it is so small I am having trouble deciphering this is what I think it reads of c3725 c7 pp.  Any ideas on glass artist would be fabulous.

at the very least it has the Of signature, and a production number dating from 1958. I think we will now have to wait for a kindly soul who owns a copy of the production catalogues to see who designed the model. The letter combinations at the end must be engravers - perhaps Rune Petterson (RP)

Thanks Ivo you were right about the engraver being rune petterson. I emailed it to orrefors & they said it is definitely a palmquist vase they looked it up & said it is in their 1960 catalalogue. c7 she said is 1959 & the of for orrefors & then p for palmquist - so you were right on the mark

I'm just checking out your website very informative.  I'll add it to my favourites  :D


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