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Trinket sets pieces with ‘carved’ or ‘bark’ surface decoration – ID, please?

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hi,the tray is 27 1/2cm by 17cm,lidded pots are 4inch and 3 1/2inch tall,ring holder is 2 1/2inch square and 5cm tall,the candle sticks are 11cm tall,is it all here?tray, 2 lidded pots, ring holder and 2 candle sticks,the lids have got a heart on the top,ive had a look at the english bit on the trincket website and can't find it,thanks kaz

That's because I've never seen one like this before Kaz, not even in my huge collection of unattributed reference pics! :cry:   It's super! :mrgreen: No registered number lurking on it anywhere I suppose?

wow! not a number that i can see but not looked properly ill check it all over tomorrow,kaz

Use your fingers and feel all over each piece Kaz, sometimes you can feel them before you see them. ;)

ok will do,wheres the most likely place to find them,kaz


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