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dressing table cream/powder pot???


Paul S.:
wud imagine this to be for a dressing table possibly, in view of the enamelled decoration  -  but heavens, I've been known to be wrong a million times.
Very attractive actually  -  what appears to be an iridescence over clear glass, giving a sort of pinkish hue.    Height 9.25 cms. and 7 cms. wide.   the decoration is is enamelled in gold, red and green colours - quite thickly.   No pontil as such, as you can see, but a sort of mold pressed circular ring thingy on the base.    Quite crudely made really  -  the neck for example varies in thickness from 2mm to 4mm, and the lid has a very poor fit.      I have no idea of country of origin or date  -but if pushed might be tempted to say eastern European around 1930 ish.    Wud appreciate any ideas or interest.      thanks Paul S.

Earlier pre ww1

Paul S.:
thanks Frank  -  nice to know it has perhaps a century or more of age.    Paul S.


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