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Surely not 'Chinese' again?

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I'm now collecting flower paperweights (well, they're generally cheaper than Antique French or Bohemian millefiori :lol:  :roll: )

Most if not all are 'Chinese'  :twisted: crimp or lampwork weights, and yes, alright, they do have the 'traditional'  :roll:  flat matt base.

However, this one is a little different. It is nice clear glass and it has a smooth polished flat base.
So anyone got an idea who made this one?   :shock:  :?


Regular Chinese, Leni. May be 1990s or later.

Not all have a matt base. Many have a fire-polished finish to the base which leaves a rather rounded edge. Others have a crisper base finish and some are almost properly circular in outline!

Thanks, Kevin.

So frustrating!  :x  :x  :x

Doesn't anyone have any idea who made these weghts, or where?   :?  :shock:  :roll:  China's a big place!  

I'm really going to have to make a mission of this!  :twisted:

Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I might start researching the subject?


Contact the Chinese embassy and talk to the Trades contact perhaps Leni? They may be able to give you some basic info and suggest where/who to try next.

5 years ago (is it really that long?) via a contact that Ivo pointed me towards, after he had attended a trade fair, I received some trade catalogues from the Zibo Zhaohai Light Industrial Products co. Ltd. (Zibo Imp & Exp Devp Co. Ltd.).

One of the web addresses on the catalogues was for:
This link still works and may provide a starting point for research into the actual makers of the giftware paperweights.

Another link was for "www . asiansources . com" but that now redirects to:
And the set of pages that are given don't seem to offer much hope of finding info on Chinese paperweight makers. But it may be worth a thorough browsing just in case there is something hidden in a no-so-obvious link.

Go for it, Leni. And good luck.



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