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Charity shop or something better???

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Found these in a box when clearing out Mums bungalow yesterday and since I know little about P/W's I could do with an opinion before they head off to the charity shop in case they deserve better.

The white flower has had a label to the base

And the following two have a Japanese look to them

I know all 4 weights are over 40 years old since my mother has had them at least that long so any help please.

Hi Paul,

The two flower weights are probably 'Chinese' - although the label on the white one could possibly have been a Murano one, but the weight was probably still 'Chinese'  :roll:   :lol:

These go for between 99p and £6 on ebay - I collect them myself! (will make you an offer for the white one if you're interested :wink: )

However, the other two are genuine Chinese white base 'antique' weights, and generally fetch £30 +  and have been going even higher just lately.  Very collectable!  I wouldn't take them to the charity shop!   :shock:


Thanks Leni
If you e mail me your details you can have the 2 flower weights with my compliments and I'll e-bay the other 2.

Aaaah, that's very sweet of you!   :D

I'll be looking on ebay for the Chinese white weights, too, but probably can't afford them!   :roll:

Leni  xx

Hi Paul, I'm glad you had a nice holiday - re: your other post a while ago!

I've got the same pink weight as you, and I have your white weight (a Chinese boxing term?  :lol: ) in yellow too, it's really pretty.   :D  :D

Erm...that's it really, just saying 'hello' to you!  :D


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