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Bagley Rutland 3078 trinket set for anne

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hi,lee got this today,thought you would like to see it,ive been on your site and seen it as you can see its got the pattern no on the box,it came in its box still wrapped up in its tissue paper and corrogated cardboard!the box is falling to bits though,it has 2 candle sticks,3 lidded pots,pin tray and normal tray,kaz

Oh wow! A boxed one, that's super Kaz, thanks for sharing the pics of this. May I add the pics to the GTS site as well please?

hi Anne,you can do what ever you want with the pics,can it be dated from the box and lable?it was quite exciting unwrapping it from the tissue,it was wrapped like it had never been out,where the box is broken and the sun has got the tissue its faded,kaz

Rutland was 1939 to 1975, but the earliest green were uranium glass. I would say post-War. Don't know whether the British made is a clue or not.

I'm not sure either but I'll ask Angela to take a looksee in case she can help.


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