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Amber Glass i.d. anyone?

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Doris and Peter,
I fear there is none like that in my collection, but it reminds me of one of my decanters ... and the candlestick holders ... seem familiar. Doris  how about a photo of the candlestick holders in upright position?

sorry - I was discussing Doris' dressing table set - in fact it seems to be complete but I miss the ring holder AND A CLOCK is missed also  :D  :shock:  8)

I am having unbelievable problems with my 'pooter' tonight to for about the 5th time here goes.


Peter: The first pic shows the rim is this what you called  fire polished.
the second is of the pontil which as youcan see (I hope) is approx 1" in diameter and polished.

Just to say I am absolutely enthralled by your site and TV appearance I think I have elastic on both sites.
The candlestick is  approx 5" high and somewhat feeble I think in construction or maybe that should be delicate depends  :?
Did all trinket sets have to have a clock in their set? I also thought maybe the ring tray was missing.


Not all did Doris. I've seen some catalogues showing sets without them, for example Chippendale ones didn't have a clock.


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