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today's foray - ID = Dalian

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The first in 10 years. Like being a puppy let of the leash, so much to sniff at and lots of interesting people to talk to.
This is the first purchase, there was a matching pair.

They are 15cm high and 16cm wide, roughly. I have seen this glass on the web and cannot retrace the steps. It's black, cased, with copper aventurine and a lovely shape. 

There were other interesting items, the provenance of which I am now able to take a guess at, partly by learning from this forum and the Whiteriars forum. So many thanks, it makes collecting much more rewarding to have some knowlege, as opposed to only the visual appeal.

The Walsh 'Pompeian'  fruit bowl is now retired from service and replaced by a massive spanish 'Vidrios de Lavante' bowl with a similar 'ping'. So the boys can knock it as much as they like and I won't have a heart attack each time.

It's got a nipple, perhaps it is italian. I've seen this decoration before but I can't remember where?  :)

Sorry Ruth but 100% Dalian light Industries, China  :(  they normally come with a circular gold foil label on the neck.

That's ok, they are pretty, and were only a few dollars. Good learning! I hope the rest of the buys prove not chinese  though.
Thanks R

I can't find any pictures of this vase made by 'Dalian light Industries'

I think it is a piece of Nason c1950s

have a look at the above link Ruth - item 5904 - maybe this is where you saw them - I know your shape is not there, but I have seen Nason vases in your shape with this decoration, it was really popular they did every shape imaginable in this style

If I am wrong then 'Dalian light Industries' are copying the exact style, aventurine is expensive and I have never seen a modern Chinese vase with it, not that deep copper tone - show me one and I will say I am wrong

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:


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