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today's foray - ID = Dalian

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Hi Ruth
Few people would know the difference. Those who had Nason / Murano in their collection might look suspiciously and some experienced general collectors may smell something amis but many would people would think Murano so don't beat yourself up.
I have seen a number of interesting and rather attractive pieces with adventurine, usually on turquoise and I am now wondering if they are from the same source. I have found a few of pics I kept for reference :
Adventurine on Turquoise swirl Bottle Vase
Adventurine on blue Bulbouse Vase 8.5"
Adventurine on bright PINK cased clear vase

The first time I saw one I was very tempted. If it had been in UK I think I would have bid on it. Since then I have seen many many more and started to get suspicious as they were appearing all over the world, at very varied prices and too frequently for comfort. The pink one I had no difficulty in resisting ....This color alone makes me wary.

These do not look particularly thin though .....hmmm
Also I am guessing that our esteemed guest took the inverted base "nipple", which Tiger rightly highlighted, as a key indicator of his attribution. I do not have base pics for these.

Dalian light Industries is not a name even known to 99.99% of glass collectors. It takes a researcher of some dedication to to know of such makers let alone confidently attribute to them . Thank you guest.

PS Ruth Adventurine is not copper just looks like it sometimes. To find out more about adventurine use search above as it has been covered before.

Yes, they have a similar thumbprint!    
I'm not beating myself up really, mine are not too thin though, each weighs 760 g.

Now at least Dalian light industries is getting better known!

Do the Dalian one's turn a different colour when held up to the light?  :)

Yes they do. I just ckecked the Dalian vase above and it is based on a very dark brown = almost black colour. The Nason ones do not let any colour through at all. So the question was a valid one, the answer "it is shiny inside" is insufficient.

Yep apart from the color it looks splodgy like the Dialian Example

Do you know anything about the turquoise ones I posted above ?
Maybe Dalian or something different ?


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