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today's foray - ID = Dalian

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I thought the copper looked from the same stable but mine are light and there is not the clear glass rim. Also they look newish. Also the shape. Got to go.
Cheers, this is interesting.



Vincenzo Nason blown; this type has a polished rim

Vincenzo Nason pressed

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Excellent - I don't know your name but good work 8)

Good photos - lovely bits of Nason, the Dalian is a rip off (or homage) and I see how people can easily be misled, for a few quid I probably would be as hope springs eternal

Not all bits of this type of Nason had a polished base, I notice the bit of Dalian you have is less sophisticated than the bit in question, notice how the aventurine goes all the way, almost ribbing, up the neck - it doesn't do that with your Dalian photo.

But - I agree with you, Ruth says her vases are light in weight & the Nason ones are not and your excellent pictures show the crispness and unique application of aventurine, close together with a ragged edge to each bit

Your Dalian one is pretty awful in comparison, but shows smudged blobby aventurine like on the bit Ruth has

OK good stuff

Thanks for going in depth with pics it will really help people who think they are buying Nason, as no doubt some bits of this Dalian will be better than others – when I google for them all I get is ‘lighting’

It would be good to see the Dalian label you talk about, maybe later if you have the time - just to firm it all up totally

Adam  D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Sorry Ruth if I gave you false hope :cry:

No worries, my rules are : Never buy unless I like it, or want to research it, or am sure of the provenance, that is, as far as is possible!

 I did also buy a matching pair of 'Snowflake' vases, one with partial label, for the same price. Not because I liked those particular ones as much as the red one, bought in ignorance years ago because I loved it but because I was confident and that's enjoyable too.

I like the copper on black and they were about 15 pounds the pair. That is cheap considering the effort that must go into making them. Bearing in mind that  labour is cheap in China. [ Copper is not cheap or the easiest to work with because it burns at relatively low temperatures]?  

It would be simpler to stick to one factory or country or items with one common characteristic but that discipline so far eludes me! Mind when the myopia from googling gets too bad, that might be necessary. Also if I were more systematised it would be easier to find where the origin of the visual memories could be located.

As an amateur, wishing to make a perfect buy is akin to hopeing to win lotto, unless one has a hotline to God. And as an atheist that definitely won't work!

So  my Dalian appeals to me for reasons that it that it will not appeal to others and I did think it could be Italian, che sarà sarà.

It will be wonderful to be bang on one day but it could be a long time coming and I can look forward to proving, one day,  that one swallow can make a summer!! [When summers don't happen and swallows get confused]????

Mind that is part of the human condition, being in the now is harder.
Regards Ruth

Forgot to say----never thought it was Nason!
Yum yum, I should be so lucky.


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