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Can anyone help identify this paperweight for me, please?

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It is 3 inches in diameter, millefiori canes set in a black ground. My first reaction when I saw it was Vasart but not being an expert would appreciate others' views.
Many thanks

Hi Ronnie,

Yes, it could be Vasart (later years). It might also be early Strathearn. It's one of those "transitional period" weights.

Hi Kev

Just to clear up a point - the bubbles are decorative and placed in a deliberate pattern in this weight; you don't see that in basic spoke Strathearn - is that right?

Adam D555 :twisted:  :twisted:

Certainly Strathearn, but maybe an earlier one.

Regarding the bubbles in this weight, I don't think these are deliberately decorative. It is just an effect of air being trapped in the tiny recesses between the various canes and twists. It happens in lots of weights and sometimes it's more obvious than in others. Also, digital photos tend to greatly enhance any bubbles.

(I used to think that Paul Ysart "cane basket" weights had bubbles specifically placed between the inner top edges of the canes. But Willie Manson told me that unless the weight was marvered at that particular point during the making, then there would normally be bubbles at the upper ends of the canes where a small indent occurred. Perhaps the effect in those weights was something that Paul Ysart knew would happen and chose to leave in as part of the design. But perhaps it was just a pleasing "accident".)

Strathearn spoke weights (and other designs) often do have the "inter-cane" type of bubbling.

However, at Strathearn, at least one design, the "Aurora" (not produced at Vasart, as far as I know) did include bubbling that was presumably part of the design. The weight was formed in a 12-section vertical rib mould with indentations at equidistant points creatiing rows of single bubbles around the entire surface.


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