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Hadeland Eskimo and Liskeard Glass paperweights.

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Anne E.B.:
Just thought I'd share these two.  I'm not a collector of p.w's but couldn't resist these two, bought this morning on the carboot.

The first is a cute little eskimo standing only 2" high.  It still has its original label "NORSK HADELAND KRYSTALL."  Does anyone know how old this might be?

The second came as a bit of a surprise to me - a Liskeard Glass paperweight.  I didn't know they made these.  Liskeard Glass later became Merlin Glass - who now make door knobs, I think.  A natural progression from making paperweights I wonder?  It has its original label on the base "LISKEARD STUDIO GLASS Made in Cornwall ENGLAND" with the LG logo also.

I didn't realise how difficult it is to photograph paperweights!!! (especially the clear Hadeland). :roll:

Are these collectable by any chance? :P

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Hey Anne, what nice finds!  I love the little eskimo - he's so simple, and yet captures the essence of an eskimo...lovely!

The Liskeard paperweight is a nice find too - didn't you do well!  Sorry I can't add anything to what you know already, just wanted to say I liked them.  :D  :D

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Max :P  This might be the start of a new collecting craze :?
Anne E.B. :wink:

That's the trouble with this board... you come along looking for answers to one mystery and find yourself hooked on collecting something entirely different before you know it!  :lol: (I have 4 paperweights and that is how it is going to stay!... resist, resist!)  :wink: PS I love the eskimo!

I've had the same Hadeland eskimo for 15 years, and I know of someone who has owned a frosted one (signed, that is why I know mine is Hadeland) for 30 years - and he was never in the habit of buying secondhand.  :D


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