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1000 Eye EAPG salts


Can anyone give me an idea of value for non-banded amber salt shaker in 1,000 Eye pattern, Moon & Stars pewter lids; 3" tall; I have a pair. Lids are super, but points on the pattern are a bit abused. have to look closely at them to see this. I just got these & found them listed as "very scarce" in Lechner, BV $40 each in clear (?), but that's old. Would like to know if anyone has seen these lately, what current value might be.

Although the form is scarcer than the straight-sided type of shaker in this pattern, and your Moon/Star tops are desirable ones, plus you have a pair of shakers, amber is not a color that's much in demand in EAPG.  That, with the deflated prices on a lot of EAPG (no thanks to eBay) means that the Lechner price hasn't changed except if anything, it's gone down.


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