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Sowerby Monkey covered sugar bowl (split from "Monkey" table set G Duncan, PA)

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--- Quote from: Bernard C on May 27, 2005, 08:20:56 AM ---It reminds me of a rare perfect Sowerby pattern #1125 (late 1875–early 1876) covered pedestal sugar I had with two monkey handles and a similar monkey handle on the lid;  sadly smashed to smithereens with all my other glass as a result of my road accident years ago.   I've never seen another, nor have I seen a matching creamer.   See Cottle p31 for the uncovered sugar trade catalogue illustration.

Bernard C.  8)

--- End quote ---

Some pictures of the rare Sowerby covered sugar bowl mentioned by Bernard with monkey handles and lid


Wonderful piece ... my wife and I wish we had one, too!

Note the similarity in design to the piece which has dogs on the sides and a cat on the cover. We have a one of these with a Davidson mark, and I think one is also shown in an Inwald catalog.

 :thup: You find some nice stuff Roy  :mrgreen:

Thank you Christine and thank you Anne for moving and jiggling around


Except there are no links between the two threads now  :huh:


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