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Sowerby Monkey covered sugar bowl (split from "Monkey" table set G Duncan, PA)

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Thank you Bernard

The sugar bowl is on its way to Australia, very surprised that there were no bidders from the UK , 4 from the USA and the 2 high bidders from Australia.

Very happy with the end result as when I bought it I had to think £55.00 was quite a lot , but decided to buy as I had not seen one before .

I am hoping to make the Cambridge Glass Fair so may see you there if I make it, depends on how well my wife is as shes been very poorly this year and is going in hospital on the 29th September for an operation and  some tests


Bernard C:

--- Quote from: mhgcgolfclub on September 06, 2009, 09:22:17 AM ---...   very surprised that there were no bidders from the UK   ...
--- End quote ---

Roy — How do you know?   If I had bid £150 for it you would never have known as I snipe a few seconds before the auction ends, so in this case eBay wouldn't have registered the bid from my sniping utility.   It often amazes me how many end their auctions early and lose out on sniped bids.

I hope to see you at Cambridge, and please give my regards and best wishes to your OH.

Bernard C.  8)

Bernard I agree with what you say I know in many cases in the last 7 seconds there could be many snipes and only the highest will show, I just leaving for Kempton in a minute to see what I can find today

regards Roy

In the quote in the first post of this thread, Bernard had not seen a matching creamer in the Sowerby 1125 monkey pattern.

Heres a photo of one (recently sold on eBay for 79.99) which bears a date lozenge for 6 March 1876 - Parcel 3 on the interior base.  That parcel includes 7 registrations (RDs 298870 to 298876) - Cottle assigns RD 298874 to pattern 1135 plant holder, and it seems that the mostly likely corresponding RD number for creamer is 298876 (described by Thompson and Cottle as 'jug') Measures 3.9 inches tall to the top of the monkey.

Hope its worth the 3 year wait.

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by punkptc). 

I have what i believe to be a sowerby Monkey handled creamer Jug, it has the diamond inside with the 6 at the top and RD in the middle and SVW at each point. It is in excellent condition with no chips and no scuffing underneath but i would like to know a bit more about it, i shall post some pics. Can anyone help please


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