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Sowerby Monkey covered sugar bowl (split from "Monkey" table set G Duncan, PA)

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Welcome  to the GMB, dor1shopping.

Most of the information is already in the preceding posts, but I’ll try and summarise it for you.

Your date lozenge [a similar one is shown in post 9 of this thread] actually reads (clockwise from the top) 6-V-W-3, which translates to 6 March 1876 – Parcel 3, the date that Sowerby registered the design.  That registration parcel includes 7 actual registration designs (numbers 298870 to 298876), of which the most likely number for the ‘monkey’ creamer is 298876.

There is a small suite of Sowerby pieces with basically the same design – monkey handles and stippled bodies to the actual bowls, bodies etc. of the pieces - they all seem to have the same registry date mark, and they all seem to be in clear flint glass. They all have the same Sowerby pattern number of 1125 (as shown against some of the pieces illustrated in the Sowerby pattern book XI of 1885).

The covered lidded sugar bowl is shown in the first post of this thread. The matching creamer is shown in your photo and the one in the post preceding it. On
the second photograph down shows a pedestal bowl with 2 ‘monkey’ handles (probably the uncovered version of the sugar bowl already referred to), and below it is a butter dish with a single ‘monkey’ handle (like the creamer).

All the pattern 1125 pieces would appear to be uncommon.

If anyone has Sowerby ‘monkey’ pattern 1125 pieces other than those already mentioned here, I would be most grateful if they would share photos of them on the GMB.


I bought this today another example of the Sowerby monkey handle sugar bowl.


Thank you, Roy.

Nice photos.



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