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Sowerby Monkey covered sugar bowl (split from "Monkey" table set G Duncan, PA)

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Yup there is Christine. The quote link from Bernard above links back to the original topic, and I've added a cross-link on the other topic to this one.

Thank you this was the first time I had seen one of these and when I bought it I knew there was a similar one with cats and dogs by Davidson, I knew this one was British as each piece is well dated with the date lozenge, Sowerby was my best guess before confirming date lozenge


Bernard C:
Roy — A really important find.   It is the only one I've seen since I had mine.   Note that it doesn't carry a trade mark — Sowerby was one of the first to register their family crest, the peacock's head, under the new trade mark legislation which came into effect in 1876 — and so, to the best of my knowledge, this covered sugar is the only Sowerby pre-TM conventionally pressed design that could be described as "fancy", all the others being imitation cut or other geometric patterns.   Indeed, as the fancy bowl in the drawing for J.G. Sowerby's 1871 patent (see Hajdamach) may only have existed as a drawing — the patent only known today on some much simpler plates — this covered sugar is the earliest fancy known for Sowerby, and for the great J.G. Sowerby, who must have been heavily involved in its design.   It's an important item for any comprehensive Sowerby collection.

... and a strange coincidence.   I've had an application for a disability living allowance being processed now for about two months — it's a complicated process.   At the end of last week I heard that our Government, bless their little cotton socks, has lost my file.   We have to start all over again.   So yesterday morning I dug out my file on the accident, again.   It was some months before I saw that covered sugar again, and like almost all my glass, it was in tiny pieces.

Better luck with yours, Roy, and please would you let us know the registration date.

Bernard C.  8)

Thank you very much Bernard I did not know it was that rare, the fact that I had never seen one myself I knew it was rare and to be honest when I bought it I thought it was most likely Sowerby ,but only confirmed when I got home and checked, I manage to find the old post which you mentioned it by searching Sowerby monkey.

You are correct that it does not have the Sowerby trade mark ,but both lid and base have a nice crisp date lozenge for the 6th March 1876.

Condition of this sugar bowl is excellent with no chips or cracks to the lid , bowl or the rim, except for a very small fracture within the glass on the edge of the base

Many thanks again for the information Roy

Bernard C:
Roy — Well done.   That was almost as fascinating as watching England regain the Ashes!   For the few folk who weren't watching, see here.

... and grateful thanks, as always, from me and the GMB Committee for your acknowledgement and link.   It is a great motivator for members to put in that little extra effort.   It is, perhaps, worth noting that eBay doesn't place any limit at all on genuine references and acknowledgements of this type, with or without links, nor ever has, something which a substantial number of other eBay sellers obviously don't appreciate.

Bernard C.  8)


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