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Clear and Orange Aventurine Sommerso Bowl - ID Help If Possible

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I know that these can be very difficult to attribute, but I recently got some pieces at a garage sale of some people that owned a shop many years ago and had a very large quantity of Italian glass pieces for sale. The glass had been stored in boxes for around 30 years or so....  I purchased 8, and have sold most of them, but I kept 4 pieces. I am going to post three of them to see if anyone has any thoughts. I have kept the three as they are exceptionally well executed and in person are a definite grade above the average generic Murano items I see all the time.

This piece is maybe 7 inches x 6 inches and 2.5 inches tall. the internal orange vessel is dusted with a very fine layer of gold aventurine.....  so fine that from a distance you can not really tell it is there. this whole thing is encased ina very thick clear layer.  This is the last of the pieces I kept, and again, it is executed very well.  The common characteristics all of these pieces have are an incredibly well executed use of aventurine, and super quality glass and feel of execution...

Again, I know this is a long shot, but I am curious if anyone recognizes the work....

Mod: Photo of item slightly further down

TIA,  Craig

I have added a pic here.   

Thanks, Craig

in both pieces that is not aventurine but gold dust.

Craig, I thought it was just my eyes going bad that made the bowls look alike.  :o

The bright orange color is one that Barbini used for quite a few things. The texture also looks like them. I don't know for sure, but maybe Barbini.

flying free:
I know nothing about this kind of glass but I came across this looking for something else and it reminded me of your orange bowl -
Vase id'd as Seguso Vetri d'Art page 178 on right of three pictured.



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