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basket, anyone?

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Pressed brown basket, circular pontil mark unfinished, hand applied handle in sapphire blue.

French? :roll:  British?  :roll:

Hi Ivo,
I've seen this unusual combination of colours in France - can't recall instantly whether Vallerysthal or Portieux - one of them produced a stemware line '?Carmen?' in amber (stem) and blue (cup)
Hope this helps
best regards

I know what you mean - Portieux still  have this service in production, which was designed for NapolĂ©on - but I think the amber is much lighter. The item is also rougher than most Val/Por I know - so I wondered maybe it could me Meisenthal?

...and, as we are still in the upper section of this thread I may correct myself without quoting:
The amber/blue combination I meant is Portieux, the name is ISABELLE (instead Carmen sorry) and the cup is amber, and the stem is blue (uranium)

Ivo, can you please submit more regarding the pattern of this basket - description, photos? I definitely cannot make out - are there roses, grapes or what else?
Thank you!

Wild rose, without any doubt. There is a flower in full bloom just where the handle is attached, the leaves are botanically correct for roses and there is one rose bud at the end of the twig.


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