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ID for glass clock (B)


Hi again

Would also appreciate if someone could tell me the maker of this clock.

On the base, it has a mark something like?? "TRADE TSU MARK" embossed???

Although, in blue colour, it turns green when exposed to the blacklight.

Any info is much appreciated


Can you add picture of the mark? And other views of clock, details of movement and any markings on that...


--- Quote ---Tsurumaki clock shop was established in 1916. Watches wholesale, but in 1919, beginning with case manufacturing, in 1924, began production of wall clocks. Started the manufacture of watches in 1935, was manufacturing watches including Seiko, citizen, eikoh-Sha, MURAMATSU, Oriental domestic manufacturers.
--- End quote ---

The figures on the clock look like they are doing Martial Arts, so maybe Japan origin.

Ahhhh now there's a thought, TC. The TSU trademark might be theirs - we need to check old trademark records for that!


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