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Taussant Glass Company....European?


Probably a dumb question, but has anyone heard of a European glass manufacturer by the name of Taussant? Here in the U.S. we have multiple styles of powder jars that were sold by The Dermay Company in NY & Paris & most of these are signed Taussant on the bottom. Nothing has ever surfaced in the U.S. on any company named Taussant. A wild goose chase I know, but thought I's ask. Thanks, Ken

Do you mean Taussaunt Glass, have you possibly missed out the last 'u'.

Numerous listing on the internet referring to Dermay and Taussaunt Glass, one example: [LINK REMOVED]

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Greg. I'm active on the chataboutdg board & we've never been able to find any U.S. manufacturer & matter of fact you can find both the names Taussant & Taussaunt (both spelling versions) on many pieces. I'm inclined to think it was just a created name & the glass was probably poured under subcontract in the states by any number of houses, but thought I'd post it over here just in case. Ken

Hi Ken, the only mention I've seen of Taussaunt is on the PK newsletter: where they seem as mystified by this maker as we are.  The mentions in this PK are in connection with agate-like glass vases with the Taussaunt name on them - this might or might not be a useful pointer.  :)

Thanks Anne, this is appreciated. One of our chatabout members (Kathy) found that Jerome E. Baum who is mentioned on many of the powder jar U.S. patents marked Taussaunt established Dermay Inc USA in Fifth Avenue, New York; associated with Cartier & Lucien. Another member (Tom Felt) knows that L.E. Smith/Greensburg made pieces for Dermay, but is not certain of those marked Taussaunt. At least it gives us something to consider. Thanks again. Ken


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