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Libochovice uranium dressing table set. = pattern 1760

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we bought this set a few weeks ago. we have now discovered with our newly purchased UV pen that it is uranium. we found the pattern in the catalogues at
but we cannot find any other references or pictures on the net to this set. not even on ebay :-X. theres lots of info on bagley/sowerby/davidson etc but has anyone got info on this maker?


kim and ed

sorry the link did not work ::). this should be ok

kim and ed

Nice early find that Kim.  :mrgreen:

The Libochovice glassworks in Czechoslovakia was created by Feigl and Morawetz in 1911, which became part of the state-controlled Sklo Union group after the Communist government took control of the country post WW2. 

The catalogue you found this set in dates from the mid/late 1920s, so your set (pattern 1760) would have been made by Feigl and Morawetz at the Libochovice glassworks.  The glassworks continued to make trinket sets even after becoming a part of the SU group but this set doesn't appear in the 1950s catalogue.

Libochovice are documented on the Glass Trinket Sets website but I don't yet have any examples of this set so may I add your photos of it please?

Source: Info about the Libochovice glassworks is taken from Sklo Union Art Before Industry: 20th Century Czech Pressed Glass, by Marcus Newhall (published Nov 2008), which includes the later 1950s catalogue on the accompanying CD. Marcus was also instrumental in obtaining the catalogue which is shown on Pamela's Glas-Musterbuch website.

hi anne glad you liked our set not a bad find for £ 2. 99 ;D we would be happy for you to use the pictures. if those pictures are ok. if not we could always take some more for you. if you do find any more info or any more picture they would be great to see. or if anyone else can give us more info. thanks again kim & ed

Definitely a good find for £2.99 Kim!  :)  Good to see the uranium glass set as I don't have any Libochovice pieces in uranium green yet. I'd be interested to know if Christine has seen this one before as she collects uranium glass especially. 

Re the pics, could you take pics of each piece separately for me please, and one of all the pieces together. Against a plain white background if possible as that will show the colour off best. Thank you. :)


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