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Double vinegar / oil pot? - Probably Made in Italy

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This was given to me when buying some other glass ("take it or it goes in the skip tonight") so out of curiosity it came home and was cleaned up...  I think it's an oil / vinegar bottle duo. Is that right? The plastic lids are elderly looking - one is totally trashed and needs chucking, other still usable, just! (Can I get replacements for the lids?) Size is approx 6" x 3" x 5" tall to top of handle (150mm x 75mm x 125mm.)

I've not seen one of these before so wondered if anyone could give me an idea of how old it might be and who made them? No marks on it at all... I suspected it might be from a bottle works but then it might not!

Handle is so sloppy that it was most likely someone playing with some failed pieces... necks differ too. Plastic should date them to 1950s... unless that red is celluloid type. Take a flake and see if it burns well - if yes much earlier is a poss.

I've almost given up hope of finding out who made this!

Made in Italy on the bottom of this one...

How does it compare?

Oooh very similar TC, thank you! I'm pretty sure there's nothing on the base of mine but I shall go and check again now. I've popped it into the charity box just today, so shall have to unpack it again!


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