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I just thought I would post a few photos of my Carnival glass for all to enjoy (especially you Glen you carni junkie!). The very first pieces I bought were Indiana Harvest blue and although not very valuable will always hold a special place in my heart. Enjoy!

This is a truly lovely piece. It is a large compote, Marigold in color with eastern star on the exterior and some wonderful scroll embossing on the interior.

These are some great Federal glass pieces I recently picked up, 1 complete punch set and 4 complete snack sets. The great thing is I bought them in 2 different places.

And here are my Indiana pieces :

If I didn't have lips, my tongue would drop to the floor.  8)

(Tigger bounces with excitment, WOW!!!)

Thanks Tigger! I just started collecting about 2 months ago and am picking up steam. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a dangerous thing that I live right across the street from an Antique mall. I've been there so much they know me by name and jump to their keys asking what they can show me! Does it show that I've become a glass junkie?


You can call yourself a glass junkie when you start calling your girlfriend Tiffany!

Probably "Walther" for boyfriends.

I meet a few dealers on my travels but they just jump period.  :?

Shannon - thanks for posting all those photos. You certainly have a very wide and varied selection of Carnival.....and all in just 2 months! The star of the show is, of course, the candy ribbon edged Vintage. I have a red Vintage bowl, but it has the regular ruffled edge   :roll:

I remember back to when Steve and I first began collecting Carnival. It almost became a competition between us who could bring back the most. Our children were young then, and (poor things) had to be hauled round antique fairs every Sunday. They became pretty good at spotting the glass and then wheedled favours from us afterwards in return  :lol:



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