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both different size and shape, the one with the white ground is only 2.25" across and 2" high, the other is 2.25" across and just over 1.75" high, does anyone know what regiment there from?

click image for larger photo

Hi Ray,


There's a lot of links, one for each regiment, but the detail page for each shows the badges. With a broadband connection you may be able to get through the lists fairly quickly.

Anne E.B.:
Hi Ray - sorry I can't help you with your regimental badges, which are lovely, but I was hoping you would post, and caught you here.  (Strike while the iron is hot and all that.... :P )

Some time ago, you identified a Heron Glass mushroom for me.  I lost my original picture which was labelled at the time but have posted it again on the Glass Board "Two Toadstools", along with an Avondale Glass one which is labelled.  Would you mind looking at the picture once more.  I cannot remember if it was the large white one or the smaller blue irridescent one that was Heron :roll: .
Many thanks. :lol:

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

thanks for that Kev i will have a scan through it

Anne it's the left one thats heron also they do  white one's but i've not seen the stem that thick

Anne E.B.:
Thank you so much Ray :lol:

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:


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