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Last batch of Mums P/W's Anything any good?


OK so here's the final few P/W that came from my Mums bungalow, I've already learnt enough to suspect that the two floral ones are the C word, but I think they may be quite old as the glass has a nice yellowish look.
The others are quite funky and the clear one reminds me of something from Startrek and the abstract blue with red and yellow something from the bottom of the sea, and the little purple pig has AH inscribed on the base, but any comments appreciated.
Apologies no Clichy, Murano or Baccarat here, unless I'm drastically wrong.

Leni kindly put me straight on the first few so hoping for similar here, but if anything takes anyones fancy I'm open to offers, so drop me an e-mail all proceeds to Cancer Research in memory of abloketalkin.

All are Chinese except for the sixth one (, which is from India. The most unique is the second one, also from China, but nice to look at. I am not sure of the last one (# 7). The third image (the paperweight with the blue and yellow base) shows a paperweight (Chinese) that is being sold all over Canada and the U.S.A. in a store called Pier One for $7.99.

OK thanks a lot, I suspected as much but always as well to check these out before doing anything silly with them.


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