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There has been some discussion about Chinese glass and it often crops up in identifiaction.

The Chinese makers have imitated styles of glass more usually associated with other countries. Inexperienced (& experienced) collectors often buy glass which they think is one thing but turns out to be something different - often Chinese.

Some Chinese glass is not very good quality but we have noted here that the quality is rapidly improving and can now fool even experienced collectors. There are now some signs of skill and some interesting originality.

I have collaberated with Terry on a small project to show some glass which we know is Chinese (labelled as such) so that collectors can get some idea of what is "out there" and learn some of the features of new and contemporary Chinese Glass.  

We feel that there is nothing wrong with buying and collecting Chinese glass but that collectors should know what they are buying and how it differs from the glass produced elsewhere.

It's my first attempt at a web site so not sophisticated and uses free-hosting so is quite limited (ie the pages are very limited in length).

I learned today from another member posting here that allowable bandwith to free geocities sites is very limited so I apologise in advance if it fails to load ....please try later. If it becomes a serious problem I shall look into moving it elsewhere sooner rather than later.

Nice selection, I recognise at least half the models from our local Chinese giftware store. The quality of the Chinese production is currently amazing, and prices are unbeatable.

Peter, is this Chinese too? Not the one on the left , that is my reference one, which I think is a genuine 'Snowflakes' vase. The one on the right is squatter in shape, the casing is crude [in creases under the rim], the neck and rim slightly less refined, the 'handles' are less elegant and the bases are different. Is the one with the 'Snowflakes' label not?  
Cheers Ruth

The one with the fold-over rim (blaue speckled black) is actually ovoid or "flattened". I'm guessing that when it was just about finished, they reheated the whole piece (except for the base) and used paddles to squash it ....hence the rim.  So, it's a quirky piece all round and I like it because of that and if asked to ID it I would be stumped.

As to your two pieces Ruth, please understand that I am not an expert on Chinese glass and am learning along with everyone else. Also, all these pieces are Terry's so I haven't had the opportunity of handling them myself.

I have seen some labeled Chinese glass in a smart "design" shop in Hay's Galleria the old tea clipper wharf on the south bank. The quality of that stuff was stunning to me. Faced with it, without labels, I would swear it was Scandinavian and try as I might I coiuld not fault the quality. I must go back and buy some, when I can, to add to the site.  

However, sticking my neck out here, I would say that there are enough similarities between these your two vases to say that they were came from the same place, and I would guess Chinese. I don't think you can read too much into relatively small differences in quality.
What does the label say ?
Your refs to Snowflake are also lost on me.  Sorry !

Hi Ruth, Pina in her book "Fifties glass" shows Snowflake vases in red. I guess we must remember that the Chinese not only copy others, they copy themselves. It would not surprise me that both vases are Snowflake, the red an earlier example. This of course is just IMHO. I actually like the multicolored one better, more free and fun in spirit while the red seems more formal. Terry


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