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Definitely Chinese

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Not the best, it's damaged.

Thank you Ruth
Yep thats the snowflake label alright. The fact that it's silver rather than gold is not important ...apart from that, what shows is exactly the same.
Could I use your pic on the site please ?  I will give acknowledgment of course.
I think it's important to include some older Chinese pieces to make us realise that the Chinese have been producing decorative glass for many years.
It's worth  noting here that some Chinese paperweights are now sought after. I belive these were made in the 1930's !!!
Terry has "found" some more modern / new pieces and taken photos to add but I'm now cosidering the best way to move forward with the site and think I shall do something a little more adventurous as I'm finding the limitations there irksome.
I don't that I'll be requesting hosting from the Chinese though. I don't fancy being dictated to on any level.
Having given it some thought, I do think a section for Taiwan would be a good idea. Terry bought a piece with a label just this week-end and with Anne's piece, that's two if she will kindly allow me to include it.
Anne I'd forgotten the name of that HTML editor you told me about. I wrote it down and thought yep thats easy to remember. The piece of paper has gone and so have my memory brain cells !!! eeeek !


--- Quote from: "Anne" ---I will, however, add my Chinese bowl to the pile...
--- End quote ---

Ah, so that's what that is. I've had one of these pottering around for a while and casually assumed it was Italian!  :D

And Sixtrees still seem to be up and running, making picture frames and glass desk accessories.

On the earlier Chinese pw's I sold a couple on ebay last week, but if you want a picture thers is one on the PW page where Leni kindly told me what they were, this is the white based ones.

I'm please there will be a site for all this Chinese glass. As for my photo's, any of them, such as they are at the moment, you're welcome to use them.

Ruth   :lol:


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