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geocities no longer exists. I should have moved the whole thing while I had a chance. I came across their email warning me of the impending closure but too late. My bad.

I still have the photos on my machine plus many others gathered from the web over the years and a few suspects of my own now too.
Perhaps I should load Terry's original photos onto this board's photo gallery (which didn't exist back then) ?
The newer web pics will have copyright issues as there's no way to contact the owners to request permission.
Or any other suggestions?

Thanks Dean for posting about the seizure of Chinese Glass in Murano in 2010. We here have come across anecdotal evidence that this has been happening for many decades in Venice / Murano and probably elsewhere but until this, no proof.

I have personally bought a few glass bird "sculptures", I would guess from the 50s to mid70s, the quality of which has been highly suspect in comparison to my others, but still no proof.

Terrys photos are here
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Hi all

One thing that the Chinese try to do is copy the polished pontil on Vintage and even newer sculptures, figurines etc from Murano.  You may find a polished pontil but it is almost always clumsily polished, uneven in circumference and the outer ring is normally left scarred as the item is never broken off a pontil but sawn off.


Dean, the pontil is the metal rod the glass is held on while the piece is being finished. 
When it is broken off, it leaves a pontil mark. :)


I am well aware of what a pontil rod is but thanks for the info anyway.  Murano Glass is our speciality and has been for some years and the pontil mark is the centre of the piece not the whole base as I am sure you are well aware.  All I am saying here is that the Chinese actually saw off a piece from the Pontil rod when fully blown and more often than not, it is actually molded not hand blown which is why the piece is sawn off to make it appear as if it has been hand blown



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