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Definitely Chinese

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 :) Dean - you described a bit of glass as having a pontil.   :o
I was only correcting your description.

The misuse of the word pontil to mean pontil mark is something that really, really annoys me.
I'm a bit pedantic about it. Sorry. :-[ :-[

Please can we see some bottoms too for labelled Chinese pieces  :-[

Thank you!

Fuhrman Glass:
There are quite a few glass artists from other countries that are now working with companies in China and in my estimation it is not where an item is made but by whom. Fact in point, many Italians came to the U.S. and made some of their best work in the U.S. and still continue to do so. I.E. Lino Tagliapietra and others. Dale Chihuly has had his items produced in many different countries. Several of my personal friends still work as consultants to Chinese glass companies and they are now able to get better materials for their production  better than those available in many other parts of the world.
The upcoming E.U laws concerning use of some heavy metals in the glass formulations will have a significant effect on E.U glass color in the upcoming future.
collect what you like, what you can afford, and enjoy it.

The safety of the workers is, fortunately, taken into consideration in some places, now.


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