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Definitely Chinese

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Thanks Terry
Page 143 in my edition and a close up of the label on p178.
It certainly looks exactly like those Ruth so I would say yes a genuine Snowflake !
The label is black on gold with a central double circle, a Snowflake design in the middle, chinese characters around the top half and the word "Snowflakes" in the bottom half ; "Made in China" to the left of the circle and I presume the same in Chinese to the right ...all that in gold.
Hopefully that will help you to compare with the label on the right hand vase.

Great site, Peter. It was fascinating to look around.

And did you know that the Chinese also made Carnival Glass?


Peter, you already know I like both the site and the idea behind it, so I won't add more.  :) 

I will, however, add my Chinese bowl to the pile

It is red cased clear, very heavy, a  nice piece which may be mistaken for something else without its label.  I know this is Chinese as it has its label which says Sixtrees London New York Crafted in Taiwan

Thankyou Terry and Peter, I much prefer the red one myself, so when I've peered at the others and photographed them they can go, along with heaps of others.
The label is black and silver only and half is missing. It has a stylised snowflake in the centre, surrounded by two circles and within the circles is 'Snowflakes'. The label looks to have been a squashed hexagonal shape.
I shall look out for Pina's fifties glass book, it sounds to be very useful.
Cheers Ruth

Ruth, can I trouble you for a photo of the label for the gallery please? One large enough to see clearly and read all the details if possible. Thank you. :)


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