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Letters on my glass - DRGM - 'tis a Mystery

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Possibly just like Jules Lang in the UK an importer registered the design but did not get the number before the mould was cast.

Has anyone done a trawl of the German design registry for lass entries?


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I now suspect that the form is a registered German design but that the glass itself was "poured" in Czechoslovakia. What I don't know is if the mould was actually made in Germany - or if the mould was made in Czechoslovakia under some sort of agreement/licence.
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It does not really matter where the mould was made - it is sufficient that the design was registered for the important German market. Could be Rindskopf protecting itself against a German competitor, could be a German model owner commissioning from Rindskopf and protecting itself against Czech parallel imports.

Thanks Ivo and Frank.

The form is very unusual (and clever) so I feel it must be some sort of registered German design. It makes sense that the market would be aimed at Germany- though the piece was actually found in the USA  :shock:

What would GeschŘtzte mean? Does anyone know for certain what those letters stand for?



--- Quote from: "Ivo" ---Deutsches Reich Gesch├╝tzte Marke according to my info. Is it Gebrauchsmuster?
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Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmusterschutz from Googling

see also

Thank you - thank you - thank you.

I'll post an article and photos of this fascinating piece very soon - and I'd be honored if I may acknowledge everyone's help.



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