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Anne E.B.:
Any help identifying these would be greatly appreciated... :P
Left:  I think this is most probably Bagley but not certain.  I've never seen one complete with its inner section which appears to be handpainted. The seller had had this for years and in all that time had displayed it with the posy bowl facing downwards, not realising that flowers were meant to go in it.  (One of my tricks I'm afraid :roll:
Right:  Matt textured outside and polished interior.  May be modern(?)
Jobling art deco bowl - uranium green - satin finish.  Is this "Flower."
Centre back:  Matt textured exterior and polished clear interior with metal rim.  Looks white with a hint of pink, but it looks as though it might have been used to put paint in, which might explain the hint of pink???
Foreground:  Plate and candle holders.  Possibly Chance - but just a guess.
Chevron pattern vaseline bowl (doesn't glow as much as the Jobling in UV light).  Possibly Czech?
Green fruit bowl set with a V shape pattern.  The smaller glasses have a square foot.  Seem to have seen something similar quite recently.  ? Czech (unidentified).

Thank you for taking the time to look :lol:  Any comments greatly appreciated as always. :lol:

Regards - Anne E.B.

I think the bowl with a metal rim is Sowerby's.

Bit short on time right now - but thought I could at least jot that down for you.


Hi t'other Anne :)

From the top...

1. I've seen Bagley with the same sort of hand-painted decoration on them, notably the small tulip vases like these of mine (mine aren't painted)

2. Yes, Jobling Flower - see Tony H's excellent album for more examples of this and other Jobling bowls...

3. This looks very much like my octagonal plate pattern - see current thread here:,2876.0.html. Can you take a picture looking down into the bowl please Anne?

4. No idea on this one I'm afraid.

5. Not Czech, but Sowerby 2631 pattern as identified by Adam Dodds here on the board in thread,2183.0.html

Does that help for starters? :)

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Glen and Anne for such a quick response and for the information given!:P

Anne - I saw a "Grantham" vase decorated with similar handpainted flowers, so just guessed that it was Bagley also, without really knowing.

Here's an aerial view of the metal rimmed bowl which Glen thinks is Sowerby.
It looks as though someone has used this bowl to put their paint brushes in when decorating - there looks to be paint stuck underneath the rim :roll:  hence the uncertainty about the actual colour - until I've cleaned it properly. :roll:

Regards - t'other Anne E.B. :wink:

No. Now I see your bowl from that angle I don't think it is. Here's the Sowerby one that I thought it might be........

I agree with the other Anne ( :lol: ) that it is like her plate (which has me stumped for now).



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