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Pressed glass pieces

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Thanks Anne, yes it is the same central pattern as my octagonal plate. :D The plate doesn't have the edging pattern though. Funnily enough mine had a pinky tinge till it was washed as well... as it was really dirty I thought it may be that horrid pinky gunge that gets onto tiles etc when they've not been cleaned for ages (memories of flat-hunting for teenagers coming out here!) :roll:

Glen thanks for your thoughts on Sowerby - it doesn't feel like Sowerby so I'm sure you're right there.  Having seen your picture though there are strong similarities, so perhaps ours are tweaked-for-difference-to-avoid-plagiarism copies of the Sowerby pattern or vice-versa?

The odd thing is Anne - I have seen a definite Sowerby piece with that identical "silver" metal rim.


Glen, could that be because, as, I think it was Adam D, explained a while ago, much of the metalwork used on glass was made by one or two metalworkers?  Perhaps many firms would use the same style rim? I'm very dim when it comes to the metalwork part of glass so just offering it as a thought - I could (and probably am! :lol:) way off base here.

Absolutely Anne. I wouldn't normally judge by the was just that the pattern looked the same (until I saw it from above) and the metal work provided the extra clue.

But 'twas wrong  :roll:



--- Quote from: "Anne E.B." ---
Centre back: Matt textured exterior and polished clear interior with metal rim. Looks white with a hint of pink, but it looks as though it might have been used to put paint in, which might explain the hint of pink???
Foreground: Plate and candle holders. Possibly Chance - but just a guess.
--- End quote ---

Anne, do you still have a picture of your bowl please? The Photobucket one has gone :(

This now looks like the same pattern as the plate that David has listed as Chance Britannia pattern... see here: Britannia


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