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Scotland's Glass: 400 Years of Glassmaking

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David E:
Progress is being made on this title, which is expected to be ready by December 2009. Written by two respected Scottish glass historians, Shiona Airlie and Brian J R Blench, this will cover the period from 1610–2010, in preparation for the anniversary.

More details will be posted on this thread when available, but if anyone is interested in this book, please contact me. Some basic details are posted here: Scotland's Glass 400

Also visit Scotland's Glass for a mass of information regarding the glassware.

David E:
Scotland's Glass: 400 Years of Glassmaking

As an update, everything is on course to start shipping this book no later than 15th December 2009. Current expectations are:

Title: Subtitle: Scotland's Glass: 400 Years of Glassmaking
Pages: approx. 80, full-colour
Size: 280 x 210mm (a tad shorter than A4)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9549196-5-8

* Many photographs of items that have never been seen before
* Rare and amazing glass included from the 17th century
* Glasses actually used by Prince Charles Edward in 1745
* A massive, one metre tall epergne produced in 1837 for Queen Victoria's accession
* Bottles from the 18th and 19th centuries
* Rare examples of Clutha glass
* Some of the most exquisite 19th century engraving from Millar and Keller
* Examples from Monart, Ysart, Vasart, Strathearn
* The most prominent names in Scottish glassmaking examined: Sir George Hay, John Ford, John Baird, and 20th century notables such as Salvador Ysart, Helen Monro Turner, Alison Geissler, Alison Kinnaird, etc.
* Paperweight examples from Ysart, Caithness, Perthshire, Selkirk, etc.
* Stunning 20th century studio art glass and sculptures
Feel free to mail me (click envelope icon in left column) for further details. Also see

The retail price is £14.99.

David E:
Also worth noting that there is an accompanying 20 page booklet Scotland's Glass: A Directory of Glass Businesses, which is supplied free with every book order. This should be going into print tomorrow morning (3rd Dec. 2009) but I have been assured by the printers (and they are quite reliable) that it will be available by the time the book is ready.

210 x 148mm (A5)
34 photographs (all but one is colour)

--- Quote ---A 20-page booklet containing data and information on virtually every glassmaker working in Scotland today. Also includes buildings, places and sites of interest, museums, which are glass related.
--- End quote ---

Extremely useful when you visit Scotland! Compiled & edited by Frank Andrews.

n.b. That the booklet is not commercial and was prepared as part of the preparations for 2010s glass anniversary in Scotland.

It will be widely available once distribution channels are established. Museums and hopefully glass organisations. However, we can also post it to interested parties but have to charge for this as our funding is very limited, probably best with a stamped addressed envelope in UK - once we know the cost of postage this will be announced. The publisher absorbs the p&P cost for those distributed with the book.

Having read the proof of the book, I can highly recommend it. It contains state of the art knowledge, much unpublished, with input from all of the significant researchers into Scottish glass. Plus it is a jolly good read  :thup:

David E:
Sample pages are now available to view on the web site:

Sample pages


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