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Brockwitz Bowl???


I would appreciate it if someone could give me an id on this bowl and a date.  I believe it is Brockwitz but cannot confirm it. Any ideas?

There is one in Pamela Wessendorf's excellent Pressed Glass Museum website which she identifies as Brockwitz, but no date or pattern name given. Pamela is a member of this board so may be able to add more information when she next reads the posts. Meanwhile, here is the same bowl (in pink) on her site:

Brilliant.  Thanks for that.  It had the look of Brockwitz but I had no way of making a positive id.

Yes, I can confirm it is Brockwitz. It was in their 1941 "Musterbuch" and was shown as number 9072/32.

It's a splendid item. I am a huge "fan" of Brockwitz glass (especially their Carnival).



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