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Scilly vase with stretched canes

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mrs vulture:

This vase is clear glass and has what I think are called stretched canes in red white and blue. On the bottom is a very nice seal stamped 'SCILLY'. Its 6 inches tall (15cms)  The only reference to Scilly I can find is on the GMB  but the pictures have gone, does anyone know when this would have been made, it has got a white painted signature round the seal but it is so worn I can't read it.   Cheryl

They do not seem to have been documented much. Probably somewhere late 70s-80s


Another example, similar size.


Your right about little information.  Attached are three photos of a vase I own.  Mine has both scratch marking and a label.   However, I can not find out anything either.  I am simply posting the pictures in case anyone else recognises them.


Another example here:


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