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Blenko Punch Ice Bucket and Glasses

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I bought this punch bowl?  ice bucket? with 4 glasses as a set.  I know the glasses are Blenko because 3 of the 4 still have the labels  :lol:

But is the bowl also Blenko?  If not, then who?  Is it an ice bucket or a punch bowl or does it not even belong with the glasses?  :?

Also what is the pattern name of the glasses?  I did not see them identified by a pattern on the Blenko sites.

Whole set

Pedestal bowl



Hi Connie,

You didn't give any measurements but if your glasses are about 3 1/2" tall then you have Blenko's Old Fashion glasses. Blenko has made them for a long time. Yours were made somewhere between 1982-1999 going by the style of the sticker. You can check color too, you have one there that looks to be sapphire so put that together with the sticker years and you can ball park it. I don't think it really matters though, because Blenko still sells them in their visitors center today.

The bowl is not Blenko. I would say that's a Trifle bowl, where the cake, whip cream, fruit, rum or sherry are layered in the bowl. Makes a nice presentation for your dessert.


Thank you, CathyG.

I thought the bowl looked like a Trifle bowl also  :lol:

When I get home I will try to id the colors.

Connie (who is on the road again)

CathyG -

I have tried to identify tghe colors but the yellow has me puzzled.

The only bright yellows I see are Jonquil or Lemon, both of those are from the 60s so don't fit the label.  :?

What color is the yellow one?

Blenko has been making those glasses a long time, so it's possible it could be any Blenko yellow. It's hard for me to tell because it's just an accent ring and I can't see it in person. Someone may have found the yellow one and put it with the others, or vise-versa. Which is probably the case here, since that is the glass without a sticker. Sorry I can't tell you exactly what yellow it is.



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