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Mystery Smoked Glass Tankards ID = Dartington, FT5

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My partner thought he was being nice by buying me some "Whitefriars" tankards he saw at an antiques market in my absence after the stallholder badgered and convinced him they were indeed Whitefriars, as labeled. But they're clearly not. They're not even very well made.  :evil:

Was wondering if anyone could ID them to stop him feeling quite so much of a dope? They're 5" tall and made of smoked glass. It's all because they have the inverted pontil by which all sellers too lazy to read up on such things judge glass marked thus as Whitefriars. (I had to read that back to see if it made sense - and it nearly does!).  :lol:

Anne E.B.:
They are nice looking glassess whatever they turn out to be Pinkspoons (think positive :lol: )  and your partner is really sweet buying them for you :P   So enjoy a drink together!  Cheers :P

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

:)  I know, he tries, bless him. I wouldn't want to drink out of them, though - one of the handle's relationship with the rest of the tankard is tentative at best by the feel of it (it makes a small gritty rubbing noise when you pick it up by the handle, so I'm guessing there's movement there).

Plus Baileys (my tipple of choice) in a tankard is just plain uncouth!  :lol:

Baileys is my vice I'd go for uncouth if I were you, nothing so much fun as an uncouth lady!!!


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