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very unusual paperweight

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well I've never seen a weight like it, it measures 2.75" high and 2.5" at the widest point, the weirdest thing about the weight is one huge bit of silver mica with glass chips placed around it not thrown on or rolled on a marver if that's how you spell it, all cased is clear glass, the base looks like a clichy just slightly concaved and polished, this would of been an expensive weight to make, anyone have any idea who made it or where it originated from, i have two these and they came from France today

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Has to be called "Splash"  :roll:

Ray, the general working of the canes, with "pull ups" is called "Devil's Fire" in the USA. I am not sure of what the Brits or the Europeans call it, other than "pull ups".

This type of work is known in old American and European (Bohemian & French) and also has its modern versions such as in some of Peter Holmes' work.

What is unusual is, as you point out, the inclusion of what look to be a large piece of mica. Or ... is that just a thick white core showing through at the top with pieces of mica (and some air bubbles) scattered on it?

The shape of the weight is also unusual. A bit of a dumpy "dump", perhaps?

If I can find anything in the books remotely like this one, I will let you know.

hi Kev

well the cane chip's are the same colour as the PY weight you just identifed, all the 4 weights i got from the same person they all fluoresce the same light dusty green, the core's not white glass i dont know what it is , if you like Kev i can send them to you to look at and study, the base's have been ground and polished and are 100% the same as my PY button weights,


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