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Another Aseda?


Anne, I was looking at Vidfletch's terrific album trying to identify this and you posted! Thank you Vidfletch.
There is one in green, image 89, which looks very like this. It would be lovely to be sure.
At the moment it has some ? limescale in it and so is full of pepsident.
The other posts on Aseda are also very helpful. I had never heard of Aseda before.

Cheers Ruth

Yes it is Aseda. Date is 1960s, The designer of this specific piece is not known.

Anne E.B.:
Ruth - I have never, ever seen one in red!  What a fabulous colour! :P   I've only seen them in blue.  I have three.  A tall one with a square base like yours, and two with a round base, one of which is much shorter and has a slightly different opening.  I've seen these often described as Holmegaard :? .
Vidfletch's comprehensive album is I agree, a gem :P  and he has written about Aseda in another thread if you do a search, which makes interesting reading.

Great to have it dated also Ivo. :P
Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Mine is brown, but a lovely shade and I really like the shape of these. Terry

Thank you all very much, it is very beautiful, especially cleaned up. However I would be pleased to sell it to someone who collects Aseda if they would like it for their collection. Contact me direct or I could put it on 'Trademe'.

Searching this forum for Aseda produced much more information than looking on the Internet generally.


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